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This Demo Survey includes a variety of sample questions for associations and commercial entities. It shows examples of question answer options such as multiple choice, comments, and number boxes (for prices or other number-related questions). Special modifications and additional formats are also available.

1 What do you like most about our ABC Association?
Political Actions Annual Conferences Networking with Members Task Force Participation Making a Contribution

2 If there is another factor you like most about the Association, please write in below.
3 Our XYZ Company has developed a light weight hand held electronic device which serves as a cell phone, receives and sends email, provides a calendar, and enable's comprehensive writing. If this item were available at a price you thought reasonable, how likely would you be to purchase it?
Definitely Purchase Probably Purchase Might Purchase Probably Not Purchase Definitely Not Purchase

4 What would you consider a reasonable price for the XYZ Company hand held electronic device?
5 When an opportunity appears to you to introduce someone new to join our Association, please indicate how likely are you to urge this new person to join, using the 10 point scale below (where a ten is the highest rating and a 1 is the lowest).
12 34 56 78 910
6 How many years have you been a member of ABC Association?
7 How would you describe your present work force?
Greatly expanding Somewhat expanding Holding steady/staying the same Somewhat declining Greatly declining

8 During your recent visit to our automobile showroom, how satisfied were you with the overall way in which our co-workers responded to your interest?
Definitely Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Un-Satisfied Somewhat Un-Satisfied Definitely Un-Satisfied

9 When you recently visited our location, would you say that your experience ...
Exceeded your expectation Met your expectation Demonstrated room for improvement

10 Please tell us what age group you fall into.
Under 18 18 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 54 55+

11 If you would like to be contacted regarding any subject of this survey, please answer this question below AND provide the necessary information on the final screen which follows after you click Submit below.
Yes, contact me immediately Yes, contact me in one month Yes, contact me when convenient

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